Handprotection and fingerprotection poly-TEXBAND

poly-TEXBAND: Hand- und Fingerschutz von POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH

poly-TEXBAND as a glove replacement – the ideal, partial hand protection

The roll material poly-TEXBAND – anti-allergic, economical,sustainable

poly-TEXBAND from POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH makes hand and finger protection simple, convenient and economically. The flexible, innovative and sustainable cotton tape with natural latex (suitable for allergy sufferers) is an inexpensive alternative to gloves and fingerstalls. The breathable  wrapping tape prevents shrinking fingers and is partially wrapped around the finger or fingers as a bandage. The roll material is always at hand as tape – anti-allergic, economically, sustainable.

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Video: Our protective tape in use

The roll material poly-TEXBAND protects hand and fingers from injuries and objects / products from fingerprints. In our video we show our protective tape in action.

poly-TEXBAND: versatile useable as a replacement for fingerstalls

Handicraft, industry, medical branch and more: Diverse areas of application for the tape from POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH

In trade, painters and tilers, among others, appreciate the easy-to-use finger protection – no bubbles, no cuts, no open fingertips. In the jewelry industry, hand protection is used, for example, when repairing watches, when changing batteries or watch cases. Prints? Nothing!

In electronics manufacturing, poly-TEXBAND has been well-known as finger protection for many years and has been successfully used as protection against sharp edges on pc boards and against fingerprints. The cosmetics industry knows how to protect with poly-TEXBAND when filing fingernails. When applying compresses or bandages, the self-adhesion of the poly-TEXBAND is a great help in the medical field.

Not all trades and possibilities are covered yet. Test poly-TEXBAND and let us know your experience. Looking forward getting your feedback.

More applications

Pictures from the tape: poly-TEXBAND in use

poly-TEXBAND makes hand protection and finger protection simple, convenient and inexpensive. The breathable gauze band prevents wrinkles and is partially wrapped around the finger as a bandage. Skin protection can be used, for example, in crafts, in the jewelry industry or in packaging.

Positive features make the skin protection of POLYPLAS Hameln so flexible

Hand protection and finger protection – innovative, non-slip, breathable

The practical roll material and flexible tape is available in blue, green and white, ex stock delivery, always at hand as quick hand and finger protection by simply wrapping around. The hand and finger protection from POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH has no size problems. Self-adhesive, not sticking to hair or skin, the non-slip wrapping tape gives maximum sensitivity.

All advantages and features

poly-TEXBAND: Video interview with a tiler

The poly-TEXBAND in action: A tiler is explaining in the video,  why he trusts our hand and finger protection.

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